Amazon's New High Tech Shop: Amazon Go

Whether you have seen it with your own eyes or seen it online everyone must have heard about the new Amazon local shop that has opened up in Seattle. Using the most high tech devices Amazon has perfectly balanced the use of modern technology and every day information such as weights and visual information to create a checkout free shopping experience for every day goods like food and medicine.


Using extra precise sensors and scales the shop can easily detect when a person has taken an item from the shelf and it is able to process that into calculable information for the store to correctly deduct the value of the goods from the customer's account, and update the staff when an item needs to be restocked.

The scales, cameras and weight systems that have been implemented can easily calculate and monitor the store with such precision it can monitor individuals that are stood directly next to each other and understand which of them has removed an item from the shelving.


Using this new technology is a massive leap for the retail environment allowing for a virtually automated system to provide shoppers an easy and fast shopping experience. "When is this available globally?" Currently the shop is only in Seattle opening nearly 2 years later than previously anticipated, to ensure that the programmers and developers can easily iron out the issues, Amazon Go have already registered the trademark in the United Kingdom ensuring they surely plan to bring it across the seas once all of the issues have been found and fixed.


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