Defuse ICT launches to tackle the physical problems of data and GDPR

Epostraders are pleased to announce a new trading division of Defuse ICT, tasked specifically with addressing residual data on redundant ICT hardware.

Fixed fee professional services which guarantee your release from GDPR responsibilities and ensuing liability on redundant ICT hardware.

While Epostraders has been performing this role since 2009 (long before GDPR!), our point of sale customers always had a real concern for the sensitive data collected through retail sales. Over time we have developed a core routine and skill set that is perfectly placed to reach a wider market.

There are fee's involved, but these are reasonable and vastly more manageable  than the potential fines on offer from the 25th of May 2018 - €25m or 4% of turnover. You can also recover some of these fees through re marketing but this is post processing, post deletion and when all risk has been defused.

Email for a fixed cost, no obligation quote today.

"More info and posts to come but a simple point to remember about fees, if anyone offers the same service for free, they are simply not doing it properly. Pay a fair fee for a professional data deletion and asset re marketing service or risk huge fines. There is no middle ground on this one guys..."

Defuse ICT

Defuse ICT - PDF
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