EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force 25 May 2018

While not the most catchy of titles or regulation subject matters, you really need to pay attention to this one, trust us, its a biggie.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force 25 May 2018 and the new law insists a new approach must be adopted by organisations who hold personal data and how they look after it.

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So, more laws telling companies they must be careful with data?
Well yes but they are now going with a stick approach and its a very, very big stick.

Fines under the new ruling are huge with a maximum of 4% of global turnover or 20m Euros, which ever is larger. As mentioned, that's a big stick.

There are fundamental flaws within the historic recycling industry which will expose companies of all sizes to these potential fines and the biggest in our humble view is the huge number of recycling companies in the UK offering FREE Recycling services. Nothing is FREE and so they must recover costs via resale of the hardware, often in bulk to dealers abroad and always a pace. These companies need volume to make the money which pays for these FREE services. High turnover of stock results in mistakes.

Epostraders has been recycling ITC hardware since 2009 and as we have learnt, if you want to do things properly, FREE doesn't come in it. If you want a professional audit and recycling or brokerage of your goods, you have to pay for it. Of course we keep our costs at a reasonable level but we remove the need to resell any data bearing drives. Anything with data on is shredded to 2mm particles making data breaches impossible. Those particles are then recycled to the highest standard. We then offer a brokerage on any non data bearing items should the customer even wish to. We can also quote for 100% audit and recycle but for a cost.
What's the cost? Well here's the good news... its not 4% of your turnover or 20m Euros and all our costs include peace of mind and a goodnights sleep as standard.

Contact Graeme Roberts at Epostraders for bespoke project pricing.



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