The super Star printer that dentists love - STAR TSP800II

Here at, we often see trends and buying styles that are specific to industries in the UK, and the STAR TSP800 range is a perfect example. It has a very loyal following in Dentist Practice's across the UK, and with some of the very neat tricks that this clever receipt printer performs, its easy to see why.

The first and most obvious point to mention is that it printers wider receipts. 90+% of receipt printers in the UK print a receipt that is 80mm wide, but the STAR TSP800 series boosts this to 112MM wide. Very helpful for appointment reminder tickets, making them slightly different to the myriad of standard size receipts in the average wallet or purse. STAR have also produced a clever piece of software that automatically shrinks a A4 standard printout down to fit the STAR TSP800 series 112mm paper. 
The combination of these two features may very well explain why this printer seems to find a natural home within UK Dentistry.
Add to the above the advanced media detection features that allow the printer to handle thicker card and even labels, its easy to see why its been a very good seller for STAR over the years. are one of the UKs main suppliers for both STAR printer solutions and perhaps more importantly the larger 110x100x12mm thermal receipt paper that is always in stock for next day delivery.

Buy direct on the site or give us a call on 01476 567056 for advice - we are always happy to help.

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