What size till roll do I need?

This is a question I am sure anyone in the POS industry has been asked at one point in their career. Firstly you need to determine what type of printer the consumer is using and within what environment. Here are some solutions for your printer needs.

Thermal Receipt Rolls:

The paper used for these rolls is especially thin and coated with a solid-state mixture that will turn black when in contact with heat. A thermal receipt printer, such as the Epson ™-T20ii, has a printhead that heats up so when the paper passes over the printhead it will leave a black image/text on the paper.

Typical Sizes:





Kitchen Printer Rolls:

Obviously being in a kitchen there is a lot of heat, so thermal paper will be of no use in this environment. Printers that are used within a hot environment use a fixed number of pins or wires in the print head and an Ink ribbon that will run in between the paper and print head. To create the text, the print head pins or wires will forceabally impact against the ribbon which will leave the ink on the paper. Now this poses the next difference, what ply paper does the customer require. The difference being, the amount of sheets with each run off, i.e.1 Ply paper is your average one sheet of paper throughout the whole roll. Where as you also have the option of 2 & 3 Ply, two or three sheets of paper (one or two copies of the receipt) per print, this all depends on the businesses wants and needs.

Typical Sizes:

1 Ply - 76x76x12mm

2 Ply - 76x76x12mm

3 Ply - 76x76x12mm

Credit Card Rolls:

Also known as PDQ rolls as they are used for PDQ (credit card) terminals. Although these rolls are becoming less popular as the boom in electronic sales is taking the world by storm, they are still required for the older payment terminals. They essentially work the same as the thermal paper, but are a lot smaller in size to enable them to fit within the card machines.




All the rolls we stock and source are FSC certified which means they have met the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council on forest products, along with being eco-friendly.

We hold stock of all the sizes mentioned in this blog and can provide a centralised shipping hub for any business owners with several branches across the UK, which includes centralised billing to the head office.

Please give one of our friendly team a call if you would like to discuss more options or if you require a different size to what is stated above, then I am sure we can find and provide what you need :)

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