Brokerage Services

Brokerage is now a major part of our business and provides true ROI for many of our customers.

Your hardware that requires our brokerage service may come for a wide variety of scenarios but the need to release a true market value from the goods remain the same.

Since 2009 Epostraders has been trading PoS hardware across the globe and during that time we have made lasting relationships with many different customers who want a wide range of hardware, especially from the UK market where we tend to be ahead of trends in terms of technology. What's redundant for us can often be ideal for other markets and that's what makes our brokerage services work. Market leading product knowledge with global marketing and sales potential.

The brokerage model changes from client to client, some want a quick return and expect lower values, other are happy to sell in a more controlled manner to a certain demographic while seeing much higher returns on redundant PoS hardware. Epostraders can advise and adjust as the process moves along but customers can choose to combine both methods, quick sale on a portion of stock to raise cash, slower second phase to maximise return. 

Every item is asset tagged and entered into the customers database, clear and concise data shows stock movement through very part of the system.

Data deletion in assured and sales data is shared.

Our simple fee structure ensures little input from our clients once goods are in our processing facility, the end to end service is proven to work by major UK high street stores and your final responsibility is to simply raise a invoice to us.

Start dealing with your redundant PoS hardware and engage in the professional brokerage service from

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