EPoS Hardware Brokerage

This is an area we have seen grow consistently in recent years as major retailers and hospitality chains realise that their hardware estates are simply “end of service” and not “end of life” when their warranty or maintenance period ends. Significantly higher ROI can be achieved through brokerage with Epostraders. Historically the hardware assets were simply sent for recycling or sold for well under market value in a quick disposal process, often then being resold on by the new owner on the open market for much higher prices.
Epostraders brokerage services offer a complete end to end service, from receipt of goods to sale and our fees include all services, asset management, reporting and onward sale.
On average our partners who choose this route for EPoS hardware estate disposal see around 150% increase on the value of the assets, and that's after all fees are applied.
To find out more information on the process or receive indicative pricing on your hardware estate contact sales@epostraders.co.uk today.