J2 Retail Systems 630 All-in-one EpoS System

by J2 Retail Systems
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Featuring the Intel Dual Core Atom 1.86Ghz Cedarview processor running the D2550 chipset this J2 system packs high performance into a future proof design - the D2550 processor and chipset will be available for seven years from its release date.

The J2 625 offers a choice of touch screens; both are spill proof, dust proof, and can be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner. You can choose either a zero bezel five-wire resistive touch screen (TFR), or the multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen (PCT).

The J2 625 unit comes standard with 2GB of memory plus a choice of either a 2.5" SATA HDD or SDD (many different SSD/HDD capacities are available). With four serial ports, four USB ports, video output with VGA/DVA/HDMI support, cash drawer port, audio in/out, gigabit Ethernet, +12V output, as well as other built in peripheral capabilities, there is no question this is the computer your clients have been waiting for.

The J2 625 requires little or no maintenance. The convection cooled fan less design means it can be used in very harsh environments. High dust, grease, sea air or high temperatures will not affect the J2 625 operation. With a quick access HDD/SDD slot, a drive can be changed in just seconds if needed. A simple design allows the unit to be fully disassembled and assembled in just a few minutes by simply removing a few screws.